We are AHA!

Access Hub Africa (AHA) is a leading African organization that specializes in developing solutions that bring digital solution access to areas with limited or no internet connectivity. Our scope of work encompasses creating access tools for eLearning, eHealth, communication, and the collection of data.

Our Mission

To provide accessible and equitable technological access opportunities to marginalized communities in the developing world.

Our Vision

To build a brighter future through quality education and technology that is available to everyone.

What we do

Our range of services includes innovation, research, training, implementation of digital solutions, development of offline access infrastructure, and designing of hardware. Among our services are:

Offline access infrustructure

We provide offline access infrastructure solutions to help businesses operate in areas with limited or no internet connectivity.

Digital Solutions Implementation

We provide digital solutions implementation services to help businesses leverage technology to improve their operations.

Our Products

The Access Hub is a revolutionary technology product developed by Access Hub Africa (AHA), which is a waterproof, solar-powered, Server in a box solution that operates offline. The device is designed to bring internet connectivity to areas with limited or no connectivity, allowing people in remote areas to access information, education, and various opportunities.