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The Access Hub is a revolutionary technology product developed by Access Hub Africa (AHA), which is a waterproof, solar-powered, Server in a box solution that operates offline. The device is designed to bring internet connectivity to areas with limited or no connectivity, allowing people in remote areas to access information, education, and various opportunities.


Access Hub contains high-quality multimedia content that is accessible offline, making it suitable for teaching and learning in areas without internet or electricity. The kit has a solar power backup system (>300 Wh) that can run the entire system for more than a week. The foldable and lightweight solar panel (145W) enhances its portability.

The kit ensures safety and security, providing a trusted learning environment for vulnerable groups. Access Hub can help reduce the digital divide and transform the way we learn, work, and communicate. By offering quality education, it can contribute to creating a more equitable and peaceful world for future generations.

Access Hub Africa (AHA) continues to develop and improve the Access Hub, ensuring that it remains a reliable, sustainable, and effective solution for bridging the digital divide in Africa.

Supported Applications

We have confirmed the full functionality of the following solutions on the Access Hub. If you are interested in adding your solution to the list, please feel free to contact us.

  • Education Content Delivery: Moodle, Kolibri
  • Disaster Management Solutions: Sahana
  • Rural Healthcare Data Management: Medic Mobile, Bahmni, DHIS2, OpenMRS
  • Data Collection tools:

Other potential application areas: 

  • Enterprise and Industrial WiFi
  • Edge Computing
  • IOT