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AHA Content Access Point

AHA-CAP is a self-contained offline library that stores all educational media on a 1 or 2TB solid state drive. The Wi-Fi server comes pre-loaded with over 700GB of valuable educational resources, leaving plenty of space for locally produced content.


All content can be accessed at no cost and is adapted to the needs of the users. Up to 50 concurrent learners can access the digital library. There is no marketing or social media to distract learners from their studies.

Here are some of the key features of AHA CAP:

  • Offline access to educational media
  • No marketing or social media distractions
  • Customizable content
  • Affordable

AHA-CAP is a great solution for schools, libraries, and other educational institutions that want to provide their students with access to high-quality educational content without the distractions of the internet.


AHA has developed and integrated customized modules in partnership with the end-user community. Through the open source platform wiLearn, AHA seeks to enhance basic literacy, digital skills, studying, research, presentation, and edutainment. AHA supports the alignment of curriculum-relevant education resources and the expansion of locally relevant content based on the teaching and learning focus of the end-user community. All content can be sorted, changed, augmented, or deleted depending on the needs of the primary learning community. Digital media can be downloaded and kept on the learner’s digital device for free. These libraries offer a new quality of educational guidance material with audio, print, animations, interactive and creative tools, video files, as well as self-constructed lesson plans and lecturing content created by a simple smartphone.

If you have educational software that is licensed under Creative Commons, you are welcome to contact AHA to create a module. Contact information is available at